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Toronto Wedding Photography Prices Analysis


Here is the ultimate analysis of Toronto Wedding Photography Prices. It will save you time and money, so keep reading. If you are looking for an affordable wedding photographer, please check our prices and packages on our pricing page.

Prices of The Top 50 Studios in Toronto

What is the average price of a wedding photographer in Toronto? How much does a wedding photographer cost? Where can I find a good and affordable wedding photographer? Those are questions every bride asks to avoid overspending on photography. 

The following wedding photography price list includes the packages of top 50 wedding photography studios in Toronto. Packages include 10 hours of coverage by 2 photographers. The information is available online and it will take a bride quite a long time to consolidate it. As we use this info to build our packages, we thought it would be useful to share it. 

Table 1: 2017-2018 Toronto Top 50 Studios Price List

StudioPricePhone Number
Alexandra Jakubowska$3,000(647) 639-1568
Focus Photography$3,000(905) 305-1111
Best Dream Photography$3,100(647) 280-5046
David Morris$3,300(416) 737-5407
Studio Epic$3,400(416) 554-3742
Silver Light Photography
(416) 993-6621
Photography by Calin
$3,447(647) 608-0428
Marcin Moka$3,450(416) 837-8026
Mint to Be$3,500(416)-319-6297
Gillian Foster$3,500(647) 746-3984
Isberto Weddings$3,500NA
Janice Yi$3,650(647) 402-1108
Boundless Productions$3,650(877) 617-2811
Markus Staley$3,744(416) 347-0813
Derek Hui$3,800(647) 400-8289
Photographika$3,800(416) 822-7027
Evolylla$3,850(647) 388-0980
Collective 67$3,899(416) 434-9397
Ash Nayler$4,000(705) 460-5491
Up in the Clouds$4,000NA
Face Photography$4,000NA
Piper Studios$4,050(905) 265-1555
Tamara Lockwood$4,050NA
Wolf Photography$4,179(416) 409-5562
Julius and James$4,200(416) 830-5030
Ben Kane $4,208(519) 722-3929
3 Photography$4,250(647) 969-7050
Shlomi Amiga$4,300NA
Jennifer Ballard$4,500(647) 887-3922
Raph Nogal$4,500(647) 295-6495
Cafa Photography$4,500NA
Callum Pinkey$4,500(416) 271-7092
Avenue Photo$4,500(416) 580-9379
Harvard Photo$4,531(416) 588-7844
Dastan Studio$4,700(647) 984-8242
Lushana Bale$4,750NA
Jennifer Xu$4,875(416) 892-3286
Lisa Mark$5,000(416) 662-7495
Olive Photography$5,000(416) 520-1093
Ten2Ten$5,000(647) 885-0667
HRM Photography$5,000(416) 707-3776
Daring Wanderer$5,000(289) 356-3582
Rhythm Photography$5,000NA
1486 Photography$5,000(416) 606-3251
Julian Moniz$5,500NA
Jennifer Moher$5,600(705) 772-2784
Scott Williams$5,650(519) 590-3766
Z Molu$5,992(905) 553-7866
Pavel Kounine$7,700(416) 303-5389
Tara McMullen$8,300NA

Please note that most photographers' fees are subject to change without notice.

Based on the information above what is the average photography cost in 2017? To summarise, in Toronto, the average price of a wedding photography package is $4,340.

Table 2: Distribution of Prices in Toronto in 2017

Price RangeNumber of Studios% of Market

Summary of the table above. In 2017, in Toronto, 39.2% of wedding photographers charge $3,000-$4,000. The vast majority of studios 50.9% charge $4,001-$5000. Finally, 9.8% of photographers charge over $5,000.

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