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Evergreen Brickworks Wedding

Don Valley Brickworks is an abandoned quarry and bricks factory located just a few kilometres North East of downtown Toronto. In 2016 the site celebrates its 127 anniversary. Started as a paper mill by the Taylor brothers, it was later discovered that the place was sitting on some high quality clay resources, so the Taylor Brothers built a brick factory. Over the years, the Don Valley Brickworks changed ownership several times and now the site has been transformed into a park with a few ponds, while the brick factory has been converted in a cultural area. Among the events held by the venues, interestingly enough the first ever Ladies Craft Beer Festival was organized in April 2016 by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. 

Also known as Evergreen Brickworks, the complex is very popular wedding photography location. The old brick kilns, graffiti walls, the park and ponds make it easy for a photographer to achieve several looks in a matter of minutes. 

This particular wedding photo taken at a Evergreen Brickworks! The photo features the bride and the groom hugging in the front of a wall on which it is written "tout est possible". The brides' veil was caught by the wind and is flying in the air (that often happens when brides approach walls). I asked the groom to nibble on the bride's neck and to tickle her. The bride laughed, the veil was lifted by the wind and that was the second when I captured that shot. 

The powerful message of this image is that everything is possible when two people love each other! 

The most important reason I love wedding photography is to create such images that will last forever. This bride's laughter in front of the wall on which is written "Everything is Possible" in French is just priceless!!!!

Website: Don Valley Brickworks

Location: 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8.

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