Bride and Groom Portrait at King Edward Hotel Wedding
Photography by Calin

Bride and Groom Portrait at King Edward Hotel Wedding

Every time I photograph a King Edward hotel wedding I try to create new concepts so I can offer my clients fresh photographs every time. Unfortunately, many Toronto wedding photographer's are stuck in the proverbial rut when it comes to their work. My solution to that problem is to look at every wedding as if it is the first time I photograph at that particular venue. 

I took this image of the bride and groom during a quick outdoor photo shoot around King Edward hotel. After the traditional family photos, the bride and groom, accompanied by myself and the second shooter left the hotel. Literally across from King Eddie I found this splendid wooden door that I envisioned would create a perfect frame for the newlywed couple. Framing is a composition technique where the photographer finds an element that acts as a frame for the main subject. Here the massive frame of the door and its sculpted flowers literally frames the married couple. To give the image dynamism I also employed the Dutch tilt technique.

Fortunately, the building that boasts this beautiful door was shaded by King Edward hotel and the light was perfect in this wedding photo. The dark wooden panels create a perfect backdrop that contrasts with the fair tones of the couple's skin. In essence, the figure to ground relationship in this picture is ideal and makes the subjects "jump out of the frame."

In post processing I remove the few plants placed on each side of the door and re-created the wooden boards of the frame. The brown colour in this wedding picture symbolizes warmth and stability, two of the most important characteristics of a successful marriage.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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