Burlington Convention Centre Wedding Photographer
Photography by Calin

Burlington Convention Centre Wedding Photographer

As a Toronto wedding photographer I developed signature shots that differentiate me from my competitors. This image showcasing the bride and groom in front of the Burlington Convention Centre is one of my signature images I deliver to my brides. 

The Story behind this Burlington Convention Centre Wedding Photo

When the wedding reception slowed down, I went to scout a good location for a quick night photo shoot. Fortunately, I did not have to walk too far, because the front of the building was perfect for such imagery. We only had to convince a few guests to allow us to photograph for a few minutes, which they were happy to oblige. Then, I quickly directed the couple to embrace each other, touch their foreheads and be steady for a few seconds so I can do my magic. It took me about two minutes to create this image from the time the newlyweds came out until the return to the wedding reception. The guests didn't even realize they were out for a photo shoot.


As this is a long exposure night shot, I relied on my prime lenses to capture the ambient light. To illuminate the couple, I used a video light, then drew the sparklers spiral around the couple. 


I deliberately created a symmetrical wedding photograph to denote stability, reliability, trust and balance, attributes that every marriage should have. In the background we can see the Burlington Convention Centre. The sparklers are drawing attention towards the couple and the doorframes behind them, as well as the building geometrical structure are acting as framing devices.


This is a long exposure photograph where I blended the ambient light with a tungsten video light and the sparklers. I shot this image using a 35 mm F1.4 shot wide open.


Despite the fact this is a post photograph, the couple's emotions are real. The bride and groom are giggling in this image, obviously reacting to me yelling that I love the groom.

Post production

While the picture didn't take long to shoot in camera, editing such a complex wedding photo was a bit more complicated. Because I blended multiple sources of light, I had to adjust their colour temperatures so they mix naturally. Also, I applied selective dodging and burning so that your eye travels directly to the bride and groom in this picture.

Why I Love Burlington Convention Centre Wedding Venue

As a Toronto wedding photographer I don't always have the luxury of visiting the venues where I'm going to shoot. This was one of the cases where I only googled images and I realized immediately this is a gorgeous wedding venue. With a large parking lot (free) surrounding the building, excellent cuisine and a mosaic marble floor, beautiful up lighting and lavish interiors, Burlington Convention Centre is the ideal venue for your wedding extravaganza.

The establishment is strategically positioned by the QEW and is chosen by brides from the Niagara Peninsula, to Hamilton, Oakville in Toronto.

Should you book a wedding at Burlington Convention Centre, their professional planners will ensure your big day is a great success.

If you go for the seafood buffet you will not be disappointed. Coloured ice sculptures the company the lavish seafood dishes that are not only tasty, but make for some amazing wedding detail photos.

Location: 1120 Burloak Dr, Burlington, ON L7L 6P8.

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