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First Dance at Atlantis Toronto

A while ago, towards the start of my Toronto wedding photographer career, I decided to try a new technique every time I shot an event. As such, during the first dance at this Atlantis Toronto wedding, I pulled a set of battery operated Christmas lights from my pocket and started photographing. I first saw this intriguing technique used by Christman Studios in California and immediately decided to master it. To start with, I do not recommend any Toronto wedding photographer to use this technique without thorough practice. Probably about 95% of the shots I took during the first dance were unusable. However, I nailed a few and this is the best shot. The challenge when shooting such complex photograph is that the Christmas lights keep dangling in front of the camera and often cover the subject. However, one of the rules of documentary wedding photography is to take the safe shot first then go for the crazy shot. Also, I had a solid second shooter assisting me so I was sure I would have a usable images should my experiment go terribly wrong.

What I like in this image is that the Christmas lights form a framing element in the picture. That composition technique is called frame in frame. Also, the bride is of Chinese descent and the red plays an important role in her culture.

Location: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9.

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