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This is a creative photograph of the wedding rings captured during a Liberty Grand wedding. 

A good Toronto wedding photographer has to master quite a few aspects of photography. During the bride preparation, wedding details are extremely important in the photographer has to capture images of the rings, shoes, dress, earrings, garter, bouquet, any family heirlooms such as medallions, necklaces, bracelets and many many more. The best Toronto wedding photographers also become stylists arranging various elements so that the image is appealing.

In this particular photograph, I combined a few elements in a striking wedding picture. First, I place the wedding rings on a reflective surface. One of my main concerns in this phase was to make sure the rings were aligned so that they were all in focus. Behind them, I placed a pair of bunnies salt-and-pepper shakers. The bride is a big fan of bunnies works incessantly to find shelters for the innocent animals. Finally, behind the bunnies I placed one of the bridesmaids sparkly purses to create a dreamy effect. To light the whole scene, I used a video light placed above all the elements in the frame.

The wedding rings are positioned in the bottom left of the frame and are perfectly balanced by the kissing bunnies in the background. The rings and the bunnies heads form a diagonal, which gives the image dynamism. The sense of movement is amplified by the viewers tendency to look at the rings first. After that, the viewers attention is captured by the out of focus bunnies, then back of the rings again in a perpetual visual loop.

To photograph this image I used the Canon 100 F2.8 macro lens shot at at f11. To emphasize the importance of the wedding rings, I placed my macro lens about 3 inches from them. That ensured that the rings were in focus while everything else melts in the background.

In creating this beautiful image I encountered some difficulties. To enumerate only a few, holding the purse in the background, the video light above the scene while focusing on the diamond ring was a big challenge. Fortunately, one of the bridesmaids lent me a hand and I was able to create this masterpiece.

The emphasis on the rings is created through a few techniques: the shallow depth of field makes the rings the only part of the frame and focus. Second, the lighting ensures the rings are the brightest part of the image. I also created a vignette around the wedding rings to increase the contrast between them and the background.

Despite the perfect lighting, composition, shallow depth of field and colours, this picture wouldn't be complete without emotion. The wedding photo evokes tenderness, sentiments of love and a drop of quirkiness, which makes it is one of the best detail photos I ever took. 

In post processing, I played with a few variations of this image ranging from black and white and sepia but in the end, I chose to leave this image coloured. One of my concerns was that the yellow bunnies in the background were too distracting and would compete with the rings in the frame. However, after revisiting the image, I decided that the coloured version is the most compelling.

Liberty Grand Wedding Venue

Regardless if you are shooting a brides portrait, the couples photographs or detail shots, Liberty Grand provides the perfect backdrops for your wedding photography. The Beaux Art building is so renowned that every year about 350 couples get married at Liberty Grand. Also, when not used as a wedding venue, the complex hosts movie sets which is another testament of its visual beauty.

Any of the four wedding ballrooms (Governors, Artifacts, Renaissance or Centenial Room) offer dream backgrounds that will help me create the perfect wedding photos for you. The complex also boasts a courtyard with a waterfall where you can have your wedding ceremony if the weather collaborates. Finally, the night pictures taken in front of the Liberty Grand are nothing short of phenomenal.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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