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Newlyweds' Candid Photo at Evergreen Brick Works Wedding

As a Toronto wedding photographer specialized in Evergreen Brick Works weddings, I documented a large variety of moments, fromemotional first looks, to hilarious choreographed first dances to touching candid photographs. This image falls into the latter category. Immediately after their wedding ceremony, Christina and Mike wanted to enjoy a moment far from their friends or relatives. It was then when I noticed Christina's best friend being pulled by the newlyweds pugs. I immediately switched to a 70 to 200 lens so I can capture the moment unobtrusively. To say that the dogs were happy to see the bride and groom would be a massive understatement. They were ecstatic! Also, the bride and groom were thrilled to see their four-legged friends.

Evergreen Brick Works Documentary Wedding Photography

One of the challenges of photographing Evergreen Brick Works weddings is that the place is always packed and it is almost impossible to get a clean shot without someone photo bombing the wedding photo. On this particular day, a group of kids saw the two pugs and started playing with them. As such, I had to wait until they left so I could capture this image. This documentary wedding photo portrays the bride and groom bending to hug their two dogs. The groom is on the left picking up one of the pugs while the bride is on the right side of the frame scratching the second one. To capture this image, I dropped to the ground and from photographed from a low vantage point. When it comes to pets or children photography that is the number one rule: get low and photograph them at their eye level.

From a composition standpoint this is an imperfect image but as they say, emotion beats technique. Let's start with the positives. The position of the subjects  creates a diagonal from top left the bottom right which gives this wedding photo a good flow. Also, the groom positioned on the top left of the frame is looking at his dog creating a visual leading line towards the second subject of the frame. The bride is placed symmetrically on the opposite side of the picture looking at the second dog. Those two virtual leading lines make our eyes play ping-pong in the frame which creates dynamism. Now that we discussed the positives let's take a look at what I wish I did different. There is a bit too much negative space at the bottom of the frame and the photo centre of interest is towards the top left of the image, which makes it slightly unbalanced. This image will most probably never win a wedding photography award despite its perfect capturing of the wedding day emotions. However, the bride and groom absolutely loved their wedding photo and that is more important than any photography or words.

To preserve the candid photography feel of this image and to avoid distractions created by a colourful backdrop, I transformed this image into a black and white shot. I also added a vignette, dodged and burnt and cropped the photo.

Location: 550 Bayview Ave #300, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8.

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