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For this One King West wedding that took place in January, because the weather was bad, the bride and groom chose to have the first look in the bridal suite on the forty-fifth floor in the presence of the family and bridal party.

The groom was going through a roller coaster of emotions and it was apparent that he was nervous. I usually position the groom facing me and I place my second photographer on one side so none of us are in each other images. For the coverage of this first look we did something slightly different at the groom's request. He graciously said that the bride is in fact the main person in the wedding, so she should be placed in the centre of attention.

In this image I focused on the groom as he was wiping a tear. A few seconds later he started laughing and advanced to his beautiful bride.

As a trick, I always try to increase the pressure on the groom so I can create this kind of photos. If you are getting married at the hotel and it is raining, the bridal suite is perfect for the your first look.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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