1. Bridal Party Portrait at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  2. Groomsmen at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  3. Atlantis Pavilions Wedding Groomsmen
  4. Bride Getting Ready at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  5. Bridal Portraits at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  6. Bridesmaids at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  7. Bride's Family Portrait at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  8. Portraits of the Bride at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  9. Fun Picture at Atlantis Pavilion Wedding
  10. Processional at Atlantis Pavilions
  11. Emotional Wedding Ceremony at Atlantis Pavilions
  12. Bride and Groom Sign the Marriage Certificate
  13. Atlantis Pavilions Wedding Ceremony
  14. Newlyweds Architectural Portraits at Atlantis Pavilions
  15. Portraits of the Bride and Groom at Atlantis Wedding
  16. Bridal Party Portrait at Atlantis Wedding
  17. Funny Shots of the Bridal Party at Atlantis Wedding
  18. Formal Portraits at Atlantis Wedding
  19. Sequence of Bride and Groom Portraits
  20. First Dance at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  21. Parent Dances at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
  22. Bride and Groom Wear Chinese Outfits
  23. Night Portrait of the Bride and Groom
  24. Bride and Groom Portrait at Atlantis Wedding in Toronto
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This wedding took place at Atlantis Pavilions, a spectacular venue located on the shore of Lake Ontario minutes from downtown Toronto. 

Rob and Hong selected this hall for their wedding for a series of reasons. First, Rob's father used to take him often to Ontario place and Atlantis is part of the complex. For the groom, it was the place where he grew up so it was natural for him to get married here. 

Even though originally Hong was planning to have the ceremony on the rooftop, because of the rain, the couple tied the knot in Lakeview Room.

After a very emotional ceremony, we all went to the rooftop for the wedding day portraits. The rain passed and the sun was now shining.

We started with the formal group shots and continued with the creative portraits of the bride and groom accompanied by the bridal party. During the session one of the bride's friends from China called and that gave me and the second shooter the opportunity to capture some great candid shots.  

The reception was hosted in the Trillium Room and late at night we went out for a short photo shoot.

The official address of the venue is 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto

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