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Black Creek Pioneer Village


The last spread of this Black Creek Pioneer Village album had to be the best wedding image of the whole day. As such, I went all out. 

First, I asked the couple to leave the reception. In the background one can see the Event Pavilion and the guests dancing the night away. For this shot, I asked the bride and groom to hug each other and stand still. Next, I applied my special sparklers technique. It is an effective way to create a sparklers spiral around the bride and groom. The final element that gives the image originality are the huge globes of lights. They are created through a specific photography technique. Using a prime lens and placing a set of Christmas lights in front of it, one can obtain a very special bokeh and a splendid photo.  Every single element in this image taken separately does not make a great shot. However, in conjunction, they contribute to the creation of a priceless photograph. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I know my competition is always looking for new ways to differentiate itself. My goal is to always deliver my clients unique images. When I presented the album to the couple, their spontaneous reaction told me I succeeded. "Wow", they said! How did you do this? 

"I used magic!" I replied jokingly. In all honesty, wedding photography is a combination of talent, eye for details, great technical skills and a bit of magic.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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