Night Dances at Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding
Photography by Calin
Black Creek Pioneer Village


Definitely, at this Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding, the reception was the most entertaining part of the day. Having worked in the showbiz, I can attest to the fact that TV stars know how to party and can definitely dance. This album spread captures the exuberant wedding atmosphere. The photo on the left presents three stories. First, in the foreground we have the two ladies dancing energetically. Next, we have two guests in the middle ground observing two ladies in the foreground. Even though you can clearly see that they are enjoying the party, their enthusiasm is not even close to that of the main subjects in this photo. Finally in the background, we have the children running around and dancing on the stage.

Generally, the more layers or stories if you wish, a picture has, the better it is. The shot excels not only by capturing the movement in the frame, but also by leering three stories in one photo.

The image on the right is a close-up of the two aforementioned ladies in the foreground. In this picture, we can see them holding hands and posing for the camera. One of the easiest jobs of a wedding photographer is when his clients open up in front of the camera.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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