Romance at Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding
Photography by Calin
Black Creek Pioneer Village


This is one of the most romantic spreads of this Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding album. I took the two photos composing this album at sunset.  As a particular photography technique, I shot against the Sun allowing a bit of light to enter the lens to create a flare. Also, the dust particles floating in the air, give the pictures a dreamy look. The golden light that occurs naturally during the golden hour makes the wedding photos taken at this time of the day look gorgeous.
The left photo features the groom carrying the bride in his arms.  Both subjects are placed on the left of the frame. Their foreheads are touching as if they're almost about to kiss, which gives this photo a romantic feel.  There's no one else in this photo but the bride and groom. The rays of the sun are casting a golden light upon them which separates a couple from the background. The picture of the right perfectly complements the wedding photos. It shows the couple,  at the right end of the frame,  leaving a negative space on the on the right. 

 The placement of the subject according to the rule of thirds gives the pictures a professional look. Even more, the way the subject are placed on the left of the frame in the first image in on the right of the frame in the second wedding photo gives this album spread balance.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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