Touching Moment
Photography by Calin
Black Creek Pioneer Village


This Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding day was fast paced and fun. While the adults take their role very seriously, the kids live in a different world. For them, every wedding is an opportunity to meet friends, have fun, relax and enjoy the day. For a Toronto wedding photographer, this is the perfect occasion for candid photography.

In this image, we can see the family cat trying to cross the room. In the back, the adults are running around preparing for the ceremony. Meanwhile, the bride's son caught the cat and started petting it. He does not seem bothered by the fast paced activity around him. So simple! In this shot, the cat and the boy enjoy each other's company oblivious to everyone else. Although it was a few months ago, I remember this scene like it was yesterday. The bride came late from the hair salon, and that affected the timeline. 

As a wedding photographer, I strive to keep calm in this kind of situations so I can focus. It is in these moments that one can capture the real atmosphere of the wedding and tell the story of the day. While everyone was running around, instead of following them, I focused on the boy. He did not care there was a camera pointed at him and carried on petting the cat. After a few seconds, I took this frame. The couple loved it and included it in their Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding album.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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