1. Engagement Photo of Couple Kissing
  2. Engagement Photo of Happy Couple
  3. Engagement Photo Yorkville
  4. Engagement Shot of Happy Couple Laughing
  5. Engagement Photo of Couple against Wall
  6. Engagement Photo of Couple Looking at Each Other
  7. Candid Engagement Photo
  8. Engagement Photo of Couple at Dineen Coffee
  9. Engagement Photo on the Terrace of Dineen Coffee
  10. Engaged Photo of Couple Holding Hands
  11. Engagement Photo of Couple Embracing
  12. Engagement Photo of Kissing Couple
  13. Engagement Photo of Couple Hugging at St. Enoch Square
  14. Toronto Engagement Photography
  15. Candid Engagement Photo at Saint Enoch Square
  16. Engaged Couple Embrace
  17. Engagement Photo of Couple Jumping
  18. Reflection of Engaged Couple at Saint Enoch Square
  19. Engagement Photo of Couple Dancing
  20. Engagement Photo of Couple in Dundas Square
  21. Engagement Photo of Couple Kissing in Dundas Square
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Engagement Photos in Downtown Toronto - Kim and Alex

This collection of engagement photos taken in various locations in downtown Toronto captures the love between Kim and Alex. I could even go further and say they were one of the perfect couples and perfect clients. They absolutely love photography, were willing to work with me to achieve amazing engagement photos and followed directions patiently. 

One of my favourite locations to shoot engagement sessions is downtown Toronto. There is so much variety of imagery one can achieve. In Yorkville, just across the Rosedale Subway station there is a beautiful park where I often created engagement photos that look as if they were taken in a deep forest. 

Also, in downtown Toronto a good wedding photographer finds absolutely beautiful light. Even more, the multitude of windows create opportunities for beautiful reflections which I absolutely love. 

Finally, at night, the busy Toronto streets are a perfect background for night photographs where the car lights are big globes of out light (please see the last image in this gallery).

We started the engagement session in Yorkville and then moved to different spots in downtown Toronto: Dundas Square, Massey Hall, University of Toronto, etc. 

After we had dinner, we continued taking portraits of the couple and ended the engagement photo shoot late at night in Dundas Square. 

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