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Downtown Engagement

Engagement Photo of Couple at Dineen Coffee

This engagement photo taken in front of Dineen Coffee in downtown Toronto has a special meaning to the couple. They went to Dineen Coffee on their first date and for this engagement photo shoot the couple picked as one of the location this particular coffee shop. One of the most frequent questions engaged couples ask is where to have their engagement session. The best locations are those that mean something to the couple, so they can remember their first date, first kiss, first time they made love, etc. In any city and Toronto is no exception, there are famous wedding photography locations that are photographed over and over. However, instead of choosing a trendy location just is better to go to a familiar place that means something to you. Do you remember the street on which you grew up? How do you feel when you walk down that street? Well, those real emotions are always better than a prompted smile or laughter that will never look the same as the real deal. 

Photography is about lighting and real emotions, not a succession of poses you do over and over for different couples, so pick the engagement location that resonates with you, not the one where half of Toronto is choosing.

This image is part of a collection of engagement photos I did in downtown Toronto, specifically in Yorkville, downtown core, Dundas SquareMassey HallDineen Coffee and some other locations. 

Location: 140 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 1X6.

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