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Downtown Engagement

Engagement Photo of Happy Couple 

This engagement photo was taken in Yorkville, and it is often a challenge to find a corner that is not super crowded with tourists, star gazers (Toronto International Film Festival  TIFF comes to mind) and passers by. 

Having lived in Yorkville for a few good years, I know a lot of spots that are a good backdrop for engagement or wedding photos. The beauty of downtown Toronto is that the light bounces into various buildings and there is always good light to work with. A shaft of light reflected by a skyscraper window creates a spotlight that lasts for a few seconds, enough for a good wedding photographer to take a splendid image. 

There is a common element of the vast majority of my photos. They are the result of the collaboration between the photographer and the couple. Sometimes couples think that good photography just happen. That can not be farther from the truth. In fact, good pictures are made, not just taken. The artist has a vision, but it is up to the couple to give me the emotions and to open up in front of my camera. 

This image shows the couple displaying their true emotions. A common misconception is that Asian couples are more introverted. That was definitely NOT the case of this beautiful engaged couple!

Location: 91 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R, Canada.

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