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Downtown Engagement

Engagement Shot of Happy Couple

This engagement picture is beautiful in its simplicity and because it captures candid emotions of the couple. Just look at the happiness that transpires from that shot and you can not help but smiling when you look at this image. 

Despite the fact this image will never win any awards, this is a powerful image for the couple who will cherish it for many years to come. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer, sometimes I have to make a conscious decision to forego the pursuit of perfect lighting and a perfect pose in favour of genuine emotions. 

So often we photographers nitpick images and worse, sometimes do not deliver them to our clients because of minor imperfections. For example, one of the rules in photography is that the eye closest to the camera has to be tack sharp or in focus in layman's terms. Well, I never had any client complain that the images I deliver, images where the bride's mother for example was shading a tear were technically imperfect. Unlike photographers, most newlyweds care about a clean coverage, correct exposure than about crazy creative shots, that is for sure.  

This image is part of a collection of engagement photos I did in downtown Toronto, specifically in Yorkville, downtown core, Dundas Square, Massey Hall, Dineen Coffee and some other locations.

Location: 138 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R 3M7.

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