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Atlantis Pavilions


Located minutes from downtown Toronto, Atlantis Pavilions is one of the most picturesque wedding venues on Lake Ontario. With its avant-garde architecture and located next to the former IMAX dome, Atlantis is a very popular location for couples to get married. Also, this is a very good spot for your engagement images and if you want to explore that, please contact the establishment at or call (416) 260-8000.

Atlantis Pavilions Photographer

You can have your wedding ceremony on the rooftop and enjoy the spectacular views of the city skyline and breathtaking sights of the Lake Ontario when you are saying "I DO". The rooftop is one of my favourites for family and group photos as the suspended buildings provide a spectacular backdrop for your photos.

The venue offers a variety of options for your reception and here are the ballrooms you can select depending on the size of your wedding and of course, your budget.


The Metropolitan ballroom is the best from a photographers' perspective with breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline. Capable of accommodating 450 guests, this room boasts 30-foot windows that offer an unobstructed view of the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and other landmarks.


Trillium Ballroom is a smaller room that can accommodate 170 people and offers great views of the city skyline, which makes it a great location for night photos.

A unique feature of the Trillium Ballroom is that your photos can be projected on the outdoor walls for your guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour.


This is a great setting for the brides who are planning a smaller wedding (up to 100 guests) and like beautiful views of the Toronto skyline.


If you are having an intimate wedding (up to 100 people) and you love the view of Lake Ontario, then you will love Lakeview Room. With floor to ceiling windows, this room is perfect for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

Originally, the wedding venue was part of the Ontario Place and was first opened on May 22, 1971. The complex included three artificial islands and five accompanying buildings called "Pods". The suspended buildings are made of steel and aluminium and are linked to the islands by steel bridges. Each of the pod buildings is square with an 88ft side. The buildings complex included the Cinesphere, the home of the first permanent IMAX theatre.


The futuristic look of the complex makes it perfect for wedding photography. When all the downtown Toronto buildings turn on the lights at night, the view is amazing and allows a photographer to create dramatic wedding photos.

For your creative wedding portraits you need to visit the rooftop. On the East side of the rooftop, one can photograph the splendid downtown skyline. On the South side, lake Ontario with the occasional planes departing or landing at the Billy Bishop Toronto Airport make it a perfect backdrop for romantic wedding pics.

Budget time for a quick photo night photo shoot on the rooftop. I usually bring smoke grenades, special lights and sparklers that will make your photos look absolutely stunning.


As a wedding photographer specialised in Atlantis weddings, here are my tips for your Big Day.

Arrive early

Sometimes Lake Shore can be very busy, especially in the summer or during long weekends. I photographed two weddings at during the Pan Am Games and I was delayed for about 30 minutes.

Ask for assistance

If you have heavy items park in the temporary parking on top of the hill and ask for assistance. The courteous staff will definitely help you.

Budget enough time for the photo shoot

Atlantis can hold up to three weddings at the same time so please give yourself enough time for the photos. In the summer the rooftop can be very hot in some places towards its centre. Bring water or ask the staff to bring you drinks to keep you hydrated.

Have a flashlight and watch your step

Bring a flashlight if you want to go on the rooftop at night as it can be dark. Because there are so many wedding parties held at the same time, it is not uncommon for guests to forget their glasses. Use a flashlight or your phone's torch to illuminate the path.

Do not miss the rooftop night shots

The best photos of the venue are taken at night when the city lights are on and the Cinesphere dome looks like a UFO giving the photos a cinematic look.


Here are the top reasons this venue this is a perfect location for a wedding.

Breathtaking views of the city and Lake Ontario

Built in 1971, the Cinesphere dome, the world first IMAX permanent theatre with a capacity of 800 people, looks amazing at night.

The venue has breathtaking views of the city and Lake Ontario which allows a photographer to create impressive engagement or wedding day portraits.

Nighttime shots look spectacular. With the Cinesphere dome lit at night on one side and the beautiful Toronto skyline on the other, the rooftop is again, a great place for photos.

Convenient Location with Plenty of Parking

Its proximity to the Billy Bishop airport makes it ideal if you have guests travelling from other regions of Canada.

Parking is usually a nuisance in downtown Toronto but Atlantis has two huge parking lots and fast golf carts take guests to the venue and back in a matter of minutes.

Versatile Wedding Venue

The rooftop is perfect for a summer wedding. If you want to get hitched in a spectacular place overlooking Lake Ontario, Atlantis is your answer. Even in the warmest days in the summer the rooftop offers a breezy fresh air that will ensure your guests will enjoy your wedding ceremony.

If it rains, you can get married in one of the four banquet halls: Metropolitan, Trillium, Lakeview and Skyline room.

Affordable Wedding Venue

Here is a wedding I photographed at Atlantis Pavilions. If you love the views of downtown Toronto, consider this affordable wedding venue located minutes from downtown Toronto. You can find more information about the packages here. The official location of Atlantis is 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto.

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