Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding - Sparklers Heart
Photography by Calin
Photography by Calin

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding - Sparklers Heart

This is one of my favourite sparklers bride and groom portraits captured during a Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe wedding

At the time when this article was written, the sparklers photographs were a bit of a trend. As such, as a Toronto wedding photographer wants to stay ahead of his competitors, I mastered this technique. That served me well over time because I was able to create dazzling wedding photos that my clients adored.

This is a environmental portrait of the bride and groom hugging while a heart drawn with sparklers is framing their upper bodies. Behind them we can see a palm tree wrapped in blue Christmas lights, a blue lit dance floor and blue paper lanterns.

During the wedding reception I took advantage of a quiet period and asked the bride and groom to join me for a quick photo shoot a few feet away from their sweetheart table. Prior to that, I set the light and took a few frames to ensure everything was perfect and the ready for the two minute photo session. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned that my clients want to enjoy their wedding reception and not spend time taking pictures so I always keep it very short. This is one of the three poses where did in that time frame.

Why Is This Environment Portrait Outstanding?

Besides the sparklers heart, a unique element I have yet to see so well executed, there are some other components of this picture that make it stand out. The orange – blue colour scheme, commonly used in the movie industry makes the subjects pop. Blue is associated with serenity, trust, dependability, calm and tranquility. On the other hand, orange means flamboyant, sociable, cheerful, self-confident, risk-taking, and warmhearted. As you can see, the blue and orange traits are also the characteristics of a perfect marriage. 

Next, the pose is very romantic, hence appropriate for a wedding portrait of a bride and groom. The couple are hugging and touching their forheads. The couples facial expression is soft, matching perfectly the photograph's atmosphere.

From a compositional standpoint, this is an asymmetrical picture, with the couple placed along the left vertical guideline in the rule of thirds grid. On their right, a palm tree wrapped in fairy lights is balancing the image giving it stability. 

To capture this beautiful night image I used a Canon 35mm f1.4 lens shot wide open. That allowed me to have the bride and groom in focus while everything else melts in the distance. At this wedding, unfortunately I had no assistant so I had to work by myself. As such, to illuminate the bride and groom I used the Lowell GL video light mounted on a tripod. 

Post processing was a bit more difficult. Because of the multitude of colours present in this wedding picture, I encountered a so-called light contamination. That is a situation where in a photograph the main light is mixed with a secondary light of a different colour temperature. Here the main light cast by the video light is affected by the fairy lights. As such, in post production I had to use a brush to alter the light temperature falling onto the white wedding dress.

Location: Carretera Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Km. 266.3, 77750 Solidaridad Riviera Maya, QROO, Mexico.

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