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Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Guide


Sometimes you get lucky on the wedding day. This happened during this Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding. The weather was perfect creating the conditions to take some of my best wedding photography. The village with its historical buildings, provides the ideal backdrops for amazing imagery. Finally, the village staff is dressed in outfits replicating the 19th century clothes, which is ideal for a rustic wedding. Definitely your guests will enjoy themselves on your wedding day learning more about the life in Toronto a century ago. Alternatively, they can stroll through the gardens between the ceremony and the reception.

Both the images on this album spread were taken on the big day in front of Taylor Cooperage, one of the heritage buildings in the Pioneer Village. This wooden building was erected in Paris, Ontario around 1850. Originally it was used to build wooden boxes, barrels and other containers. In 1976 it was moved to its current location and was opened in 1988. 

The first photo of this album spread features the groom holding the bride in his arms. Although I prompted the groom to pick up his bride, the bride and groom's reactions are genuine and the photo is gorgeous. They are looking at each other and I    captured this in motion, which sets it apart from other photos of the same pose. Because we did a long engagement photo shoot is various venues in Toronto, the couple was now used to the way I work. As such during the photo shoot the couple    was not afraid to express their emotions.

The second photo shows a stark contrast between the old building and the fashion pose. The bride is photographed in the door frame posing like she was in the middle of a Vogue photo shoot. 

Some other places in the complex are the wedding chapel, the town hall or the venue.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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