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Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Guide


Weddings days are often hectic. Especially in Toronto Ontario, wedding photographers often don't have time to photograph the family. Fortunately, this Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding was different. We ended up taking a lot of photos of the bride and her family and guests  before we left to the wedding ceremony and later, during the reception, at the venue.

The black and white spread contrasts with the previous one. Being no a veteran of Toronto wedding photography, I learned to make the most of each situation. Often I am given two hours to take the portraits, sometimes five minutes in a corner of a banquet hall. No matter what, the results are stunning! But I digress! Coming back to our wedding day, this sequence of pictures captures the bride and her son in three different poses. First, they adopt a traditional pose looking at the camera. The second image shows the bride hugging her son while he is looking at the camera. Finally, in the last image in the series, the bride is laughing out loud, and her son is accompanying her.

Soon after we took a series of family and guests photos, we had it to the village to attend the ceremony in the wedding chapel, followed by photo session in front of the Town Hall and other historical buildings as well as the gardens. Soon after, the wedding reception started in the Grand Pavilion and we ended the big day with a sea series of mini photo sessions.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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