Couple Posing at Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Guide


This double album spread showcases an image of the bride and groom taken during their Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding.

This Vogue like image taken right after the wedding ceremony portrays the groom looking at the camera while holding the jacket nonchalantly over his shoulder. Meanwhile, the bride is posing inside a door frame and looking at the groom.

The uniqueness of this image is given by the contrast between the old Taylor Cooperage heritage building and the modern pose. 

I find that many couples want to look like movie stars on their wedding day. After all, they spend so much money on professional makeup, brand new clothes, decor, venue that they want that captured in beautiful wedding photography. With its gardens and antique buildings, this rustic wedding offered the perfect backgrounds for the couples wedding photos.

Technical Aspects of This Wedding Picture

I shot this image using a Canon 35mm F1 .4 lens mounted on a 5D Mark III camera to be able to capture both the subjects and elements of the environment in this picture.

Because on the wedding day there is no time for complicated light setups, this is a natural light photo achieved using a a few compositional techniques. First the image is perfectly balanced. The main subject, the groom is on the left and his bride is on the right side of the frame. They are both placed according to the rule of thirds so they have similar visual weights. The bride is looking at her groom and her gaze creates a leading line which defines him as the main subject of this wedding photo. Second, I used a framing technique by placing the bride within the door frame. Finally, the backgrounds are clean or plane if you want, which increases the figure to ground contrast and emphasizes the subjects in this wedding pic.

Location: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3.

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