Bride and Groom Night Portrait at Liberty Grand
Photography by Calin
Photography by Calin

Bride and Groom Night Portrait at Liberty Grand

I love nighttime wedding photography and at this Liberty Grand wedding, I was lucky enough to have a very cooperative bride and groom. The couple and us, the wedding photographers, worked well throughout the big day to create gorgeous images.

Behind the Scenes Story

For the shot I asked one member of the bridal party to join us as an assistant. He's a student while on his way to becoming a professional photographer and was happy to oblige. As such, after scouting some beautiful spots around the wedding venue, we asked the couple to join us.

For this shot, I used the photography technique called layering. In essence, I placed a foreground element (light fixture) and balanced it by placing the bride and groom symmetrical vis-à-vis the vertical axis.

I also used a water reflection to create a symmetry along the horizontal axis. There are a few elements that make this a fine art image.

First, the composition is outstanding. The four elements in the picture are perfectly balanced. Second, the blue and orange colour scheme is very pleasing to the human eye. Next, the bride and groom are posed in a believable manner to create this beautiful romantic shot.

I often see professional photographers who capture poses without any soul and that a lack creativity. In my wedding photography I try to inject emotion so the shot is more appealing. Otherwise, you end up photographing a boring pose.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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