Casa Loma Wedding Photographer
Photography by Calin
Photography by Calin

Casa Loma Wedding Photographer

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I am impressed by my European colleagues who are lucky enough to shoot in splendid locations. Most large European cities boast old castles wear a wedding photographer can work his magic to create artworks for his brides and grooms. We, Torontonians have Casa Loma to thank for providing such beautiful backdrops that make you think you're in one of the oldest European castles.

Casa Loma History

Casa Loma was built between 1911 and 1914 by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt as his privates residence. Because his owner was affected by the first world were and the Great Depression, the city of Toronto only is this Castel today. It is one of the most desired wedding photography locations in the GTA, if not in Ontario. From beautiful gardens to hidden tunnels, to splendid rooms that can accommodate your wedding, the castle is the perfect wedding venue for the sophisticated bride. If on the other hand you want to shoot your wedding day portraits or a pre-wedding photo session at Casa Loma, you will need a permit. Please contact the establishment at 416-923-1171 or by email at . Be aware that due to the large number of inquiries Casa Loma is notoriously slow to reply. Also, should you want to book the castle for your wedding, please do so anywhere between 18 to 24 months prior to your wedding day.

Best Casa Loma Wedding Photo

In this wedding photo, the groom is kissing the bride and dipping her at the same time. She's holding her wedding bouquet in her left hand and we can see a long cathedral veil trailing the bride. In this wedding picture the brides veil must be at least 20 feet long. That is an element I haven't seen in any other Casa Loma wedding photo. Even more, behind the bride and groom there is a huge sparkler drawn sign depicting an electrocardiogram (EKG) and a heart, which makes this a striking picture. The sign is also appropriate because the bride is a doctor. A few other details of this shot make it a powerful image. First, the bride and groom are placed at the left edge of the frame, leaving a massive negative space on the right. That creates tension in this picture. To illuminate this night photo of the newlyweds I used a video light so the bride and groom are the brightest part of the picture. That is one of the most important rules in photography. Despite the fact the subjects are placed at the extreme left of the frame, this is a balanced image. I used the sparkler sign to provide balance and stability to this wedding picture.

What made this picture extraordinary was achieved in camera, but also in post production. First, set the proper white balance then I extended the veil to its current size. Next, I re-created the wild wines wall and removed a few windows and doors that were causing distractions in the frame. I also applied skin softening onto the bride and dodged and burnt the image to ensure the bride and groom are the brightest part of the picture. The fact that the bride and groom are photographed in front of a plane backdrop make them stand out even more and increases the power of this image.

The bride and groom romantic pose, the sparklers, the old castel wall in the background make this one of the strongest Casa Loma wedding pictures I have ever seen.

Location: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8.

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