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Mother of the Groom at Kortright Centre Wedding

During the groom's preparation for his Kortright Centre wedding we were privileged enough to observe and capture plenty of natural moments that occurred between the bride and groom, their family and friends.

The best wedding photographers in Toronto know that the mother of the groom is one of the key characters of the event. She will appear in many wedding photos and from a business standpoint, the mother of the groom is an important referral source. After all, after the event, she meets plenty of friends in the same age group with children are getting married.

As such, taking beautiful images of the parents is crucial not only to document their special event properly but also to help your business grow. After all, this is a business and besides beautiful photos, the professional photographer needs to be a business person.

Getting Ready Pictures

While many photographers dislike this part of the event, I absolutely enjoy it. First I can create a splendid images in a controlled environment. Second I can interact with the family members and have fun.

Because the bridal suite offered by Kortright Centre for Conservation is not particularly photogenic, so you can to get ready at one of the hotels in the greater Toronto area, more specifically in Woodbridge, Kleinburg or Richmond Hill.

Also, as a side note, if you choose Kortright Centre only for your ceremony and have the dinner at a different event space in the area.

Wedding Photo Story

During the bride and groom preparation for the ceremony, I noticed the mother of the groom approaching her sister. I know that often when wedding photographer pics of the camera the subjects noticed the move and become camera aware. As a result, the image looks contrived.

In photojournalism, there is a technique called zone focusing. The photographer pre-focuses on an object then finds a subject placed at the same distance, wait for the right moment and takes the shot. It is exactly what I did to take this photograph.

One of the best ways to improve the photojournalist's skills is to observe the friends posing for the photo booth. It has that kind of relaxed environment when the best shots are created. The challenge is to create such moments when the artist photographs the beautiful bride and groom.

Best Wedding Photographers

We always ask ourselves a key question: what do the best artists have a common?

In our opinion, it is the desire to improve continuously and to never be happy with the results.

Next, they learn on a constant basis and practice regularly. Often during the reception, especially during the dances, we try new techniques. We are not afraid of failure as long as we learn from our mistakes. Often, the feedback allows us to discover new techniques that our clients enjoy.

Post Processing

It is often said that a good image is created in camera and we totally agree with that. As this shot catches the beautiful interaction between the mother of the groom and his sister, there is little to do in post-production.

Besides the skin retouching, I applied a colour correction technique and the shot was perfect.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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