Children Have Fun at Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Children Have Fun at Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding

I love this picture of the three children playing at this Toronto Botanical Garden wedding. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I have been learning from the masters. I know that if you wait long enough every wedding will give you the opportunity to capture beautiful imagery.

To achieve this splendid photograph I challenged the kids to do something fun. Initially, they were reticent, but once I showed them a few pictures they became very comfortable in front of my lens. This wedding photo features three children in motion. When the bride saw it, she immediately commented that it looks like the work "evolution."

The first child on the left is just raising from the ground. The second, is semi-erect and the third one (the tallest) is almost standing. The children's heads are aligned in a beautiful diagonal, a very appealing compositional element. Combined with the fact that the three children are moving in this frame,  it leads to a very powerful motion image in motion.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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