Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Bride Descending Stairs
Photography by Calin
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Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Bride Descending Stairs

This is a panoramic image of the bride descending a staircase on the way to her Toronto Botanical Garden wedding

This image has a photojournalistic feel to it. However, despite the fact it took me less than one minute to create it, it is a directed photograph. When the bride left the bridal room, I started following her. While she was descending the stairs, I asked her to stop to take a picture. I direct my second shooter to place a flash in front of the bride to separate her from the background  bannisters and I took the shot. 

What Makes This Wedding Picture Unique?

There are a few elements that worked well and make this a powerful image. First, there are many architectural elements that form leading lines towards the bannisters, the stairs, and the shadows direct your attention to the bride. This is a symmetrical image, and the subject is placed on the central vertical axis. However, the brides had is positioned according to the rule of thirds, which creates a pleasing effect.

I photographed this image using a Canon 24 to 70mm lens shot at f2.8. The lighting in this picture is a combination of ambient light and flash. The beauty of it is that the image is not open "flashy". To be more precise the flash provides only a kiss of light, and it doesn't overpower the ambient light. This beautiful blend of natural and artificial lighting sources creates a fine photograph. The perspective is also unique. The bride is photographed from above, unlike most pictures where the wedding photographers shoot from below. 

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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