Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony
Photography by Calin
Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Guide

Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony

This album spread contains two pictures taken during a Toronto Botanical Garden wedding ceremony in The Courtyard.

The image on the left uses the layering technique to depict three stories of this wedding ceremony. On the left side of the frame in the foreground we see the wedding officiant reading from an official book. In the middle ground we have the bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other. Finally, in the background we see the guests following the ceremony and a beautiful blue sky. The three layers and their corresponding stories make this a powerful photo.

The image on the right is a detail photo of the moments that constitutes the essence of a wedding: tying the knot. In this image, we see the bride and groom holding hands while the officiant ties them with a red ribbon. By isolating this detail and not showing the protagonists' faces this intriguing shot creates mystery. In this wedding picture I used a special technique whereby I isolated the hands and took them out of context for artistic effect. This powerful wedding photograph includes a few symbols. First we have the holding hands, symbol of unity, love and marriage. Next, tying the knot clearly symbolizes marriage. Finally, the red colour present in this shot gives a hint about the bride's cultural background, which is Chinese Vietnamese. As such, through symbols, this strong image sends a powerful message despite the fact no recognizable face appears in this frame. As a Toronto wedding photographer I have a duty to capture not only the obvious in my images but also the subtle messages sent through gestures, colours and body language. This last image does a magnificent job in that respect.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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