Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Fun
Photography by Calin
Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Guide

Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Fun

This is a fun Toronto Botanical Garden wedding portrait. Without me prompting it, the bride and groom started walking across the wooden bridge in the Toronto Botanical Garden. Suddenly, the groom picked up the bride and pretended to throw her in the water. Fortunately, I was quick enough to capture this fun wedding photo.

What makes this image great?

Whenever I look at a picture, I asked myself: is this an image that will stand the test of time? Will this wedding photo be in an album? What could I do better next time? Here are the answers to all these questions. This photo is a candid moment and captures perfectly the emotions of the bride and groom. Many decades from now the couple will enjoy it and remember how fun it was. The image occupies a full album spread, which reflects is importance for the couple. Finally, if I were to improve something, it would be the composition. While the shot is not poorly composed, it is slightly too centred for my taste. On the brighter side, the bridge railing creates a beautiful diagonal/leading line.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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