Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding - Group Photo
Photography by Calin
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Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding - Group Photo

During my career as a Toronto wedding photographer I learned that my clients hire me not only to take beautiful pictures but also to document their big day. As such, when the bride and groom asked me to take a group photo at this Toronto Botanical Garden wedding, I jumped on the opportunity.

Sadly, many wedding photographers consider family photos boring and beneath them. Sometimes the even a sign that task to their less experienced second shooter. In my opinion, that is a mistake. First, by photographing large groups of guests, you can get yourself known in advance your career fast. That is if you do a good job. Second, large family shots are difficult to photograph. Directing a large crowd is not for the faint of heart, especially when the bride and groom allocate only a few minutes to such an important photo. This group image immortalises the presence of about 80 people.

Among the toughest challenges of taking this photo I can list a few. Firstly, this image was taken around 2p.m.  in June when the light is unflattering for human subjects. As such, I had to add artificial light shot into a 7-foot silver umbrella to open the shadows on people's faces. Second, the Toronto Botanical Garden visitors were interfering with our ad hoc photo shoot. Finally, I had to find a higher vantage point, so I climbed on a pole to get this picture. As a wedding photographer, I often risk damaging my equipment and even my health to create clients timeless images for my clients. However, my dedication and perseverance pay off because about 90% of my business comes from happy clients. A  An image like this can become a Facebook cover picture for many years to come.

From a composition standpoint, this is a symmetrical photo. From a lighting perspective, the image blends seamlessly natural light and strobe lights. In post production I enhanced the colours in this image and I added a vignette.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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