Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Rings
Photography by Calin
Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Guide

Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Rings

This is a beautiful photo of the wedding rings during a  wedding at Toronto Botanical Garden. Because the couple chose the garden as their venue, I incorporated the flowers in my pictures.

This beautiful wedding image was very difficult to realise. First I stacked the wedding rings on a yellow flower (cup plant or Silphium perfoliatum). Because it was very windy that day, I asked my assistant to hold the flower in place and I started taking pictures.   I shot at a very shallow depth of field and I took about 30 frames to make sure at least one of them is in focus.


As a Toronto wedding photographer I see a whole lot of images. As a result, I know a good photo when I see one. The following elements make this a special image. First, the composition is impeccable. Despite the challenges I had holding the rings in place, the composition is exquisite. I used the Golden Spiral composition rule in this image. Second, the yellow of the flower, peppered by the green pastel of the leaves create a vibrant image. Finally, the image is very sharp emphasising the large diamond ring and the beauty of the wedding bands.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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