Newlyweds Kiss During Recessional
Photography by Calin
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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Newlyweds Kiss at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

During the recessional at Château Le Parc the bride and groom exuded happiness and love. The walked out dancing and holding hands and at one moment the groom stopped the bride and kiss her intensely. We were able to capture this beautiful moment of love you can see in this  photograph.

Emotions after the Wedding Ceremony

Generally, after the wedding ceremony the bride and groom are very excited and cannot wait for the cocktail hour and reception to start because typically they don't have time to mingle with their family and guests.

I also learned in my wedding photography travels that the recessional can offer some of the best opportunity to take candid shots of the guests interacting with the couple.

In this photograph the composition is asymmetrical and to achieve the balance, I placed the bride and groom on the left-hand side of the frame. They are visually balanced by the guests on the right. As everyone in the courtyard was looking at the newlyweds couple, the viewer's attention gravitates towards the bride and groom.

As this image was photographed around 4 PM on the summer day, I only used ambient light to capture the scene. In terms of equipment, I used my Canon 35mm 1.4 lens mounted on a Canon 5D III camera. Because add plenty of light and they wanted to make sure I have my couple in focus, I shot at F5.6. As the couple was leaving the courtyard, I asked, the wedding photographers were walking backwards taking pictures of the bride and groom. That is why shooting at a high aperture was crucial to avoid missing the focus.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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