Bride's Family Portrait at Atlantis Pavilions Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Atlantis Pavilions Wedding


The photo on this album spread was taken during a wedding at Atlantis Pavilions

The image is a touching portrait of the bride along with her close family, her sister in law and her niece. Given that the bride lost her parents, this is the only family she has and that make this a very powerful image. 

The bride is positioned to the right of the frame and her sister in law is holding in her arms the bride's niece on the  left of the photo. 

The candid moment was captured just before the bride kissed her niece's forehead and the little girl is looking up to the bride in this image.

As usually, for photojournalistic shots like this I used a black and white processing. 

Please visit the albums section or follow the link below if you are interested in the whole Atlantis Pavilions wedding.

Location: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9.

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