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Storys Building Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom Holding Beers on a Beach
Humber Bay Arch Bridge First Look
Liberty Grand Wedding Photographer
Spider-man Joins Bride and Groom at Storys Building Wedding
Niagara Wedding Photographer
Atlantis Pavilions Wedding Photographer
Groom Jumping in Saint James Park
The Fermenting Cellar Sparklers Exit
Bride and Groom Hugging at Brant Street Pier
Unique Portrait of Bride and Groom
Best Yorkville Wedding Photographer
Bride and Groom in Front of Liberty Grand
Just Married Photo
Bride and Groom Portrait at Country Heritage Park
Burlington Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography by Calin - Best Photographers in Toronto

Photography by Calin is a team of talented Toronto wedding photographers best known for our beautiful imagery and top customer service. Our main goal is to create timeless photos that you and your families will enjoy for generations to come. While we are based Toronto GTA, we travel across Canada and internationally.

Photography Style

Our distinctive style is an infusion of photojournalistic and fine art photography adorned with a splash of fashion inspired imagery. We use negative space, creative crops and composition to create tension in our images. Our pictures are crisp, vibrant and dynamic while having a cinematic look and feel.

Favourite Wedding Venues

While the number of venues in the city is too large to mention them here, among our favourite venues are King Edward Hotel, Château Le Parc, Berkeley Church, One King West, Atlantis Pavilions, Toronto Botanical Garden (a.k.a. Edward Gardens), Black Creek Pioneer Village, Liberty Grand, Four Seasons, Graydon Manor Hall, Palais Royale, Apollo Convention Centre, Country Heritage Park, Kortright Centre, Evergreen Brickworks, Eglinton Grand, Casa Loma, ROM, Estates of Sunnybrook, Old Mill, Mississauga Convention Centre, Roma's Hospitality Centre and many others.

For more tips and information, please visit this page specially dedicated to top photography locations.

We Documented Many Special Days for Brides and Grooms

Over the years, Photography by Calin team has documented hundreds of western, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indian, Hindu and Sikh, Korean, Jewish and fusion weddings and engagement photo shoots. Our favourite marriage locations are golf courses, beaches, gardens, hotels and urban settings.

The gallery you are seeing shows only a few of the multitude marriages documented over the years. While it is impossible to post all the wedding photos we took, we only selected a few that we love the most.

To say that we are masters of creating stunning pictures in less than ideal situations would be a massive understatement. Photography by Calin documented many events in challenging situations such as extreme cold (-35C), intense rain, even a small tornado in Mexico, dark venues and churches, intensely populated areas, each of them requiring various skills.

There are many photographers in the Greater Toronto Area. It takes a lot of work and perseverance and Photography by Calin strives to offer you the best quality imagery and services not to mention an amazing experience so that you, your family and guests can fully enjoy the event.

Awards and Press

Our work has received national awards from Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Association where we were also invited to be a judge in the 2016 Spring Competition. Our shooters are also members of prestigious wedding photographers associations such as Fearless Photographers and others. Besides those, our work has been featured on various blogs in Canada and abroad.

Affordable Wedding Photography

If you are looking for an affordable wedding photographer, under $2000 please visit our page on wedding photography prices. Our budget friendly packages are built taking into considerations our brides' needs and our costs. We undoubtedly offer the best price quality ratio in town.

All our packages include high resolution shots delivered to the couples on a USB stick and cloud drives.

Natural Light

When possible, we embrace natural light, because it eliminates the need for complicated lighting setups and make our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. It goes hand in hand with our method we call assisted photojournalism. Still, we are also known for creating jaw dropping pictures at night using various types of artificial light. Please see a few of the real weddings we documented over the years.

Hire US

If you want Photography by Calin to document your wedding day, you can us so we can learn more about you and discuss your event. We book only a limited number of nuptials every year as we value quality over volume. Also, we spend an extensive amount of time post processing and polishing our shots to exceed your expectations.

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FIND THE BEST WEdding Photographers FOR YOU

Some brides and grooms consider us among the best photojournalists in the town.

Here's how to find the best studios:

  1. Ask your friends directly
  2. Use social media to find the best artists in the area
  3. Make sure they are within your budget as top photographers have very limited availability and their packages are expensive
  4. Ask how many weddings they documented
  5. Understand their modus operandi (candid, photojournalistic, traditional, etc.)
  6. Interview them to see if you feel comfortable in their presence
  7. Check if they have the proper equipment (back-ups)
  8. Ask how they back up the files
  9. Check reputation, read google reviews
  10. Make sure the portfolio you see is theirs. To find out more about this unfortunate practice, please check this website
  11. Ensure the artist has a good understanding of YOUR special day and that he can identify potential issues
  12. Look at full wedding albums, not just a selection of best pictures
  13. Make sure the photographer can deliver a good coverage of your Big Day and creative pictures.
  14. The artist should be able to capture candid shots and direct large groups
  15. They should show excitement, or your special event will be just another gig for them

List of Master Photographers

As we mention to our clients every time during our preliminary consultation, to obtain perfect imagery, it is of utmost importance that your photographer is a good fit.

Keep in mind that best photographers in the world will create masterpieces of lighting and composition but if you are not comfortable in front of the camera, you will look awkward.

Of course we know we can deliver amazing imagery and would be honoured to document your wedding day. However, in the interest of transparency, we are listing the top marriage photographers in the city. Most of them work locally and travel around the world.

While there is a lot of talent in the area and we have worked with part time artists that are simply amazing, we will only focus on the artists whose main source of income is marriage photography.

This list includes only photographers and is based solely on how much we respect their work and are not affiliated with any of them.

Impressions by Annuj

Doing both Indian weddings and western events and boasting a vibrant, romantic and fresh look reminiscent of the Renaissance chiaroscuro technique perfected by Jerry Ghionis, Rocco Ancora and Ryan Schembri, Impressions by Annouj is run by Annouj, the founder of the studio and the outstanding artist and by his wife Tanya.

Annouj is an international award-winning photographer that every couple would be happy to have document their special event. What makes him one of our favourites is his profound understanding of lighting, human body, motion of emotion, key ingredients of great visual art. His destination engagement sessions in exotic locations are just breathtaking as you can see for yourself. Also, the postproduction skills showcased by this artist are impressive and when combined with a good image created in camera, it leads to splendid works of photographic art.

Raph Nogal

What impressed us about Raph Nogal's portfolio was his use of flash and strobe photography to create masterpieces in average locations. Just check his before and after section for yourself.

His modus operandi is a fusion of photojournalism and fine art photography infused with a touch of fashion. We enjoy his crisp, contrasty and punchy imagery that is so rare in a world dominated by overexposed & ethereal or dreamy imagery. Raph has an original interpretation of light and is not afraid to pull his flashes, coloured tells or even Profoto Strobes to overpower the sun and deliver stunning pictures for his couples.

He is a multiple recipient of international awards such as Fearless Photographers, WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, etc.) to name only the few of the prestigious institutions that rank him as a top artist.

Dave Abreu

When we saw Dave's work we were impressed by his uncanny ability to capture romantic gestures and tell the couple's marriage story in an outstanding visual essay. Just check Dave's portfolio and be ready for a pleasant journey in the world of vibrant shots and exquisitely captured scenes. Dave's cinematic shots are a splendid contribution to the art and show a dedication to the craft seen in only in masters of the genre. Dave takes Canadian wedding photography to a new level of artistry.

His work is featured on a regular basis in print and online publications such as Lavish Dulhan, Elegant Wedding, Wedluxe and more.

Cafa Photo

Cafa is a true artist. His often quirky frames combine unique angles, composition and capture scenes the bride and groom would never see otherwise.

His top skills are a great eye for composition and observation of emotions to immortalize them in candid pictures. In addition, his black and white processing and use of selective vignetting further refine Cafa's already excellent pictures. His postprocessing is superb and pushes the limits many photographers do not dear to approach. He is recognized by many industry associations and though his look is darker than that of many other photojournalists, it is an acquired taste many clients have.

Cafa challenges the viewer with original works of art in which light, darkness, movement and surprise intertwine. He breaks the rules of the craft on a consistent basis and he raises above the crowd through its originality, low key imagery and unposed work. Cafa is the recipient of countless awards from ISPP, Fearless, PWPC, etc.

Divine Method

Siva's shots make him one of the best visual artists not only in the Sothern Ontario, but in the whole world. His ability to capture fleeting moments in timeless visual artworks outstanding. His eye fast and his brain insanely creative. Like many of the masters, Siva is also a teacher and you can check his workshops here. He is often invited to present at conferences and his list of awards is long and beyond impressive.

His original look is romantic, creating an interplay of light with deep shadows, dramatic backgrounds and his eye has a striking ability to create memorable snaps.

Dastan Studio

We are impressed with Taha Ghaznavi and Nida Akhter's genius when it came to lighting, composition and making their subjects look stunning.

The fine attention to detail and use of tilt shift lenses is splendid and the latter draws the viewer's eye to the subject of the masterpiece, the beautiful bride and groom.

Pavel Kounine

If you are looking for a master photojournalist, Pavel is one of your top choices. This artist's work is a pure joy to view and his unposed documentary approach resonates with many modern clients. His jaw-dropping wedding photos are perfect for the couples who are looking for a realistic depiction of their wedding day.

Corina V. Photography

Corina is a high end, true artist who excels in creating splendid, sophisticated, ethereal, romantic pictures that are so popular with the brides and are the trend many blogs follow. Her flawless filmic look is matched only by the intensity of emotions she captures in her art. Corina started this amazing journey into the visual art when she was 10 and received her first camera as a Christmas gift and has been taking pictures of people ever since. A true professional, her work evokes deep emotions. As she perfectly said it, Corina enjoys photographing couples, willow trees, colour pink and chocolate.

Caileigh Photography

Caileigh is one those wedding photographers in Toronto GTA who is known mainly by the fine art "connoisseurs." She masters natural light and that helps her create soft, dreamy pictures. Caileigh does mainly weddings abroad and travels extensively from Peru to Spain and Bali and if her romantic high key frames resonate with you, do not hesitate to contact her as she also does weddings in Canada.

Lushana Bale

Lushana is a helpless romantic and that shows in her beautiful work. She embraces natural light and her soft pastel coloured compositions remind me of Edgar Degas' famous painting Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers.

Lushana shoots film and digital and has traveled the world capturing beauty from Hawaii to Santorini and is definitely a fine choice for your local or destination wedding.

Jennifer Moher Photography

Jennifer's use of film and film grain in her digital portraits gives them soul and a romantic aura. Her original concepts stand out and her candid shots excel through an outstanding reflection of the couple's emotions, so intense on the wedding day. Her shots are clean, modern and original.

Jennifer's has a minimalistic, off hand approach to photography. She likes to observe without interfering and will intervene only when you need directions.

Scarlet O'Neil

Scarlett is a wedding and lifestyle photographer and her liberal use of grain gives her pictures a filmic look and make them look alive. Scarlett started shooting weddings when she was 18 and now has over 450 marriages in her portfolio. That, combined with her highly aesthetic imagery recommend her as one of the best choices for the discerning couple.

Tara McMullen

Tara is the founder of the studio well known for a natural style, genuine emotions captured in the stunning environmental portraits, attention to detail and extraordinary composition and use of subtle techniques such as framing, placement of subjects along the baroque and sinister diagonal to give her shots dynamism and movement and more.

Tara's work has been published in countless print and online publications and now the studio has several shooters working under Tara's brand.

Ben Benvie

Ben's is taking a 100% unobtrusive and undirected approach to photography and his shots show that. I love the focus on emotions rather than perfect lighting though Ben manages to marry (pardon my pun) all elements of a great shot. That formula won him international awards made him one of the best photojournalists in town.

His processing is minimalistic so that emotions and his subjects are main focus. The viewer feels she is part of the event and Ben excels in storytelling techniques such as shooting action reaction scenes to give us a 360 degree view on the special event.

Ben goes well beyond the rule of thirds and masters sophisticated composition techniques such as framing, Dutch tilt, leading lines, diagonals and reciprocals and more.

Even though his selections of weddings posted is flawless, I wish I could see more galleries on his website though as a sole proprietor juggling all the duties of a studio could be a huge challenge.

Nikki Mills

Nikki impresses with her stellar documentary coverage and her stills look alive! Even in the rare cases when she directs couples the shots look candid, natural and warm.

Nikki documents weddings in Southern Ontario and beyond. What impressed me is her ability to capture the decisive moment as Henry Cartier Bresson called it. Once her images are shot, through a refined post processing technique, Nikki polishes them to perfection.

Heidi Lau

Heidi creates beautiful stories through a confident use of natural light. Her shots exude romance and tension through the use of original crops and focus on details. By consciously eliminating recognizable elements of the subject (such as the face), through a subtle psychological mastery according to Gestalt principles Heidi is blowing the viewer out of the water and one can not wait to see more of her inspiring work.

Krista Fox

When you land on Krista's homepage make sure you are seated. It is that beautiful. A visual masterpiece welcomes you onto her website and it gets better once you start enjoying her galleries.

As far as we can tell, Krista shot everywhere in the city and Southern Ontario in her 15 plus years in the industry. Her work has been published in exclusive print magazines such as Wedluxe, Wedding Bells Magazine, Lavish Dulhan, Style me Pretty. To give you an idea how competitive it is to have a wedding published in one of the above media, Style me Pretty receives about 12,000 weddings every month.


Ikonica has an enviable brand and pedigree and have been in business since 2007. With hundreds of weddings under their belt Ikonica impress through crisp imagery, an excellent use of natural light and flash and more important, an excellent eye for composition and colours.

Scott Williams

Scott is a breath of fresh air in the cliche world of canned poses and his candid approach to photography has generated fantastic results. Unassuming, ambitious and talented, Scott is a great pick if you are looking for a candid coverage of your wedding day.

He is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and his work has been published in well known magazines such as Wedding Bells and others.


Indian wedding photographer emeritus, Photoem is a master of the genre. Having done our fair share of South Asian marriages, we are familiar with the difficulties of such fast paced events and are even more impressed with Photoem's portfolio.

Roseta Li

Roseta Li is another giant of the local wedding photography industry and her vast experience in documenting nuptials is apparent in her beautiful pastel imagery. Her minimalistic approach to post processing keeps her galleries look natural and in a world of overprocessing gives her shots a distinct look.

John and Veronica

John and Veronica's work is memorable through its unique concepts and masterful execution of sophisticated photography techniques. The husband and wife reach a perfect balance between emotions, splendid backgrounds and attention to details, an unbeatable formula for success.

They use techniques such as layering and foreground bokeh to tell multiple stories in a frame and their post processing is impeccable. The subjects look comfortable and natural in all the shots exhibited on their flawless website. All the above make them an obvious choice for the clients who are looking for excellent imagery and a great experience.

Not part of the list? Feel free to suggest new additions and after careful consideration, we might add you to the list.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us. Also, make sure you follow us on social media for any updates and promotions.