Sequence of Bride and Groom Portraits
Photography by Calin
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Atlantis Pavilions Wedding


This beautiful spread is made of a succession of photographs that were taken at Atlantis Pavilions seconds after the couple got married. 

I chose to create this film strip album spread to show the succession of emotions and symbolize movement. In the first photo, the groom kisses bride's forehead. In the second image, the bride looks at the camera smiling while the groom looks adoringly at her. She holds a bouquet of white, red roses and wild flowers. 

The final photo in this Atlantis wedding album spread portrays the newlyweds kissing each other. It is a very romantic moment, completely unprompted by me and perfectly captured. In the background you can see two decorative trees whose branches point towards the couple. The last image occupies the whole right page in this album spread. 

The image was taken with a Canon 24-70 mm lens which was my lens of choice before I switched to prime lenses. These days I shoot with the 35mm / 85mm combo and I absolutely love it.

Location: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9.

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