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Photography by Calin


This photo was taken during a pre wedding photo shoot in Yorkville, a ritzy district in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Follow this link to see this couple beautiful One King West wedding .

Yorkville is featuring some of the oldest and best maintained buildings in Toronto, which makes it a very popular place for wedding photography.

The cute side streets in Yorkville, boast some of the most luxurious stores one can dream of. The storefronts offer splendid backdrops for your wedding and engagement photos.

For this particular picture I had a fashion look in mind so I dropped to the ground and made sure I can see both the groom and his reflection in one of the restaurants’ windows. To keep both of them in focus, I chose an aperture of f11 that gave me a deep depth of field so everything is sharp. While I was laying on the ground belly down, people were asking if we were filming a movie.

What makes this shot unique is the extremely low angle and the window reflection. Besides that, the mystery created by showing only the legs of a girl wearing a miniskirt, the guy’s expression of utter love result in one of my most favourite pics. This is a bold photograph and many brides are in awe when they see it. 

Location: 115 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C1.

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