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This image taken on the Brant Street Pier in Burlington shows a newlywed couple exchanging rings. The photo was taken under the 12-metre steel beacon erected on the raised platform. The beacon's steel framing is literally framing the couple in this shot. What makes this image unique is its unusual angle. To create this picture I was  on my back shooting upwards towards the bride and groom. 

This image shows a perfectly blue sky which complements the wedding day atmosphere.

Technical considerations

This is a wedding photo taken using the available light, more specifically the sun coming from above. I captured this image around noon on the wedding day using a can of 35mm F1.4 mounted on my Canon 5D Mark III camera. I shot this image at F2.5 so that the focus is on the hands exchanging the rings and everything else goes out of focus.

Why Is This a Gorgeous Wedding Photo?

First, the vantage point of this image is completely unusual. As I mentioned before, I was lying on my back shooting upwards towards the sky. Second, this situation was so unusual, that the bride and groom are genuinely laughing in this wedding photo. Third, the steel beams of the beacon form leading lines towards the central subject of the frame, the groom's hand placing the ring on his bride's hand.

Location: Brant Street Pier, 1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON L7S 1Y2.

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