Groom Heading to the First Look Location
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Groom Heading to the First Look Location

After we photographed the bride and groom preparation, I directed the couple towards their first look location in the main lobby. Here we can see the groom descending the spectacular stairs of the venue. To capture this image I went on to the second floor and directed the groom so that I can catch the exact moment when he stepped on the second flight of stairs. In that particular position, the stairs become leading lines towards the groom and make him stand out in the picture.


The image contains a lot of diagonal lines which give the shot a dynamic feel. To make sure that the groom's face is the brightest part of the picture I asked him to look towards the lighting fixture. You need to understand that only had a few minutes to create this shot.

The groom is placed alongside the vertical line according to the rule of thirds.

One slight imperfection of this photograph is the mixed lighting. Unfortunately, that was beyond my control as the lighting fixtures admitted a 3200k light while outside the daylight temperature was 5600k.

If I were to change something it would be the time of day when I shot this photograph. As you can see, the background is slightly brighter than the subject and while that can be fixed in post production, I'd rather do it in camera.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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