Bride and Groom Portrait at Tractor Barn
Photography by Calin
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Bride and groom portrait at tractor barn

I remember this Country Heritage Park wedding like it was yesterday. Right after their first look at the Carriage House, I took the bride and groom for a quick photo shoot before their wedding ceremony. 

The Tractor Barn is a beautiful setting for bride and groom portraits and its wooden doors create a distinct pattern, a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos.

Sabrina and Fran's wedding day was a hot and humid summer day and fortunately our wedding party carried plenty of water to keep the couple hydrated.

When I saw the Tractor Barn I immediately wanted to use the repeating pattern created by the barn doors to emphasize the bride and groom, the subjects of the picture. As such, I placed them towards the right of the frame and once the composition was refined enough for my taste, I started working on the emotions.

Fortunately, on the couple special day they are extremely romantic and happy, so injecting a bit of emotion into the picture is not too difficult.

After the short photo session, we went to the meadow next to the Cason Farmstead where the couple had a intimate outdoor wedding ceremony. That was followed by a tea ceremony at the main venue, The Gambrel Barn.

Location: 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 1X9.

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