Bride Preparation at Country Heritage Park Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Bride Preparation at Country Heritage Park Wedding

Sabrina got ready for her Country Heritage Park wedding at her home in Milton. The three images on this wedding album spread were captured early on the wedding day before we left for the first look and the wedding ceremony. 

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The bride and groom got ready at separate places before heading to their rustic wedding venue, The Gambrell Barn.

On the left photo, we can see the bride having her hair done.

The image in the middle is picturing Sabrina looking at herself in the mirror. The photograph is special in that is showing two reflections in two separate mirrors.

The image on the ride is featuring a happy bride laughing with her bridesmaids.

The three images are in colour and in post processing I applied selected vignetting, so soft skin retouching and colour enhancing.

The bride preparation is one of the most emotional parts of the wedding day, especially when the parents, guests and the relatives are present.

Two of the dearest friends of the bride and groom, the two bunnies were present on this special day.

Later, right before we left, I had the chance to take a few portraits of the bride accompanied by her four-legged friends.

Location: 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 1X9.

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