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This is one of my favourite engagement photos I took of Kateryna and Taylor during their photo shoot.

Ramsden Park is one of those hidden gems in the heart of downtown Toronto. There is always parking available on Ramsden Road in the Park is across from Rosedale subway station. The park boasts beautiful backdrops perfect for wedding day and engagement photos. As such, for downtown photo shoots I often use the park as the starting point in our photographic journey. After that, we we often moved to the University of Toronto and Yorkville.

This image features the engaged couple hugging each other and going for a kiss. I call this particular pose almost a kiss. According to one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis, the moment immediately preceding the kiss is more sensual that the kiss itself. As such, this pose served me well and I created many romantic wedding day and the engagement portraits employing this pose.

Taylor is holding a smoke bomb in his right hand. The couple is positioned on the right-hand side of the photo and is perfectly balanced by the red smoke occupying the left side of the image. Also, the smoke acts as a framing element to attract the viewer's attention towards a couple. Behind the engaged couple there is a green vegetation wall. The green and the red are colours situated opposite each other on the colour wheel creating a pleasing visual effect.

This is a posed engagement photo captured around 2 p.m. on a sunny September day. Because the light was harsh, I made sure that I positioned the couple so that the sun is coming from behind to give them a beautiful separation from the dark backdrop. Also, as a photography rule, smoke always looks better when is backlit. 

To capture this environmental portrait of the engaged couple I used the Canon 35mm 1.4 lens shot at F2.

As a final step to improve my craft, I self critique every wedding or engagement photograph I take. What I like about this picture is the colours, the pose and the composition. By asking the engaged couple to hug each other tight, I created multiple points of contact between their bodies which makes this a very romantic photo. One thing that I wish I did differently is the position of Taylor's right hand which seems to be growing out of his head.

In post processing, I reduced the exposure of the smoke so that the couple become the brightest part of the picture.

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In 2013 I abandoned a successful corporate career to become a Toronto wedding photographer. As one of my mentors said it, this was a leap of faith. I had my highs and lows but through continuous learning and practice I improved the quality of the wedding photos I deliver to my clients. My married couples love their photos so much, that often they asked me to photograph maternity and baby sessions. While I respect and love all my clients because they allow me to do what I love, I am a Toronto wedding photographer not a maternity or a newborn photographer. As such I have two decline politely when I'm approached to document events other than weddings.

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