Engagement Photo in Distillery District
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Engagement Photo in Distillery District

As a Toronto wedding photographer I always look for elements of interest that they might pictures to the next level. I remember seeing this old truck in the Distillery District. The first thing that I noticed was its character and how it can be used as a perfect backdrop for wedding day or engagement portraits. When I approached the truck I noticed a few other elements that could be used to create a perfect wedding day portrait column the windshields could be used as framing devices and to capture a reflection of the subject.

This pre-wedding photo is one of the best I ever took in the Distillery District. I placed the engaged couple between the truck and a brick wall. To obtain the desired effect I posed the couple so that the girl looks towards the camera while the guy is touching her cheek. This technique called magnetizing heads suggests a romantic moment interrupted by the photographer. Another element that adds value to this picture is the girls reflection in the windshield. After taking a few frames I noticed that I could also capture her reflection in this pre-wedding photo so I lowered my stance to create the striking image. 

Best Toronto Wedding Photographer

Here are a few elements that made some people call me one of the best Toronto wedding photographers. First, the plain brickwall behind the couple, combined with the direction of the sunlight make the girl in this image stand out. Second, this picture was shot through the lateral windshields of the truck which, in effect act as framing elements in the picture. Even more important, the girls reflection in the windshield makes this a very powerful image. I frame this engagement photo in such way such so that the subjects are located towards the edge of the frame along one of the diagonals. The girls reflection is directing the viewer's attention outside the frame, which creates tension in this photo. Because the girl is wearing a red dress, she's perfectly lit by the sun and is placed against a dark background, she jumps out of the photo giving it a 3-D effect. Also, the way I posed her face create an effect known as chiaroscuro in which a succession of highlights and shadows give the image dimension.

This asymmetrical picture is perfectly balanced from a visual standpoint because the subjects are positioned on a diagonal. Even more important there are three subjects which form a triangle, an appealing geometrical shape used in painting and photography to create powerful images. The orange red and blue tones in this image create a powerful colour palette that makes the main subject standout.

In post processing I increased the texture of the brick wall behind the couple and enhanced the girls reflection in the windshield. I also applied selective dodging and burning through the frame to emphasize the subjects in this pre-wedding photo. 

As a part of myself critiquing process, I always ask myself what I could have done differently. However, in this case, I believe this shot was masterfully captured and every Toronto wedding photographer would love to have it in his portfolio.

Location: 21 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.

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