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Photography by Calin
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Photography by Calin


This romantic portrait of the bride and groom was taken during a winter wedding at Fairmont Royal York. This is a modern photo that I attempt to create for all my couples.

Generally, winter weddings are special and give a Toronto wedding photographer great opportunities to take amazing photos like the one here. When it snows, the whole sky becomes a giant softbox and the light is perfect for wedding day portraits. In this photo, it started snowing and we came out for a quick photo shoot. As a side note, the brides really wanted a photo taken while it was snowing. Her mother passed away a few months before the wedding and the bride mentioned that snowflakes are little notes and thoughts from her mother in heaven. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get snow that day so that we could create this wedding picture the bride absolutely loves.

What makes this shot special is the couple's expression of happiness right before they kissed. Truth be told, I loosely directed this image by giving the bride and groom instructions on where to stand and what to do. Usually, I like to employ a multitude of photo journalistic and directed techniques to obtain a variety of shots.

Unfortunately, it was too cold that day for a long photo session, but we managed to take a few photos of which this is the one the couple loved the most.

In terms of composition, the bride and groom are placed at the left of the scene, which leaves plenty of a negative space on the right to increase the tension in this image.

The snow creates an element of interest in this shot rarely seen in wedding pictures. Many wedding photographers avoid shooting during snow or rain out of concern for their equipment. Not me! I actually love photographing in the rain because it allows me to create different looking pictures which my clients love and separate me from the average wedding photographer.

The colour scheme in this picture is a classical one used a lot in Hollywood. The orange skin tones are perfectly complemented by the blue daylight, and the groom's tuxedo. Also, dark background create separation for the newlywed couple.

A Breathtaking Wedding Venue - FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK

Fairmont Royal York is one of my favourite wedding venues in Toronto. If you have a winter wedding, the hotel has plenty of indoors locations where you can have a first look. Some of my weddings and photograph there took place only indoors. However, the hotel offers so many perfect backdrops for wedding photography that you will have amazing pictures even if we don't shoot outdoors.

The large windows of the hotel create great quality and direction of light so your bridal portraits will be nothing short of extraordinary.

If you're planning a wedding ceremony or reception in the Canadian Room you will not be disappointed. The Imperial Room and The Ballroom are also splendid settings for your wedding. I love the high ceilings, spacious dance floors and giant windows that allows natural light to come in to help me create gorgeous wedding day portraits.

Because Fairmont Royal York accommodate so many hotel guests, as usually allocate enough time for your photoshoot if we have to wait to photograph at a specific location. My favourite indoor photography location at this hotel is definitely the spiral staircase.

Location: 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3.

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