Fun Wedding Party at Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club
Photography by Calin
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Photography by Calin


As a wedding photographer, it is a great pleasure when you meet such a fun and energetic bridal party. During this wedding at Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club, I asked the girls to give me a funny pose to take a few less common wedding pictures. The result was outstanding as they picked up the groom and lifted him on the maid of honour's back. In this image the groom is shown piggybacking on the maid of honour. The other two bridesmaids are making funny faces for this unique photo.

While we were taking photos of the bridesmaids and the groom, the bride was being photographed by my second shooter playing with the veil. 

For this shot I chose a black and white processing. Also, I enhance the texture of the sand the rocks water in the sky to give it to a more dramatic look. As a result, in this image, the background looks apocalyptic, in stark contrast with the wedding party's joyous  attitude .

As we were losing the light, I used a flash placed to the left of the camera to illuminate the scene.

I deliberately position the bridal party to the left of the scene to balance it with the trees on the shores of Ashbridge's Bay.

Location: 30 Ashbridge's Bay Park Road, Toronto, M4L 3W6.

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