Amazing Portrait of Newlyweds
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Amazing Portrait of Newlyweds

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I always try to differentiate myself from the crowd. As such, it continuously search for new elements that will allow me to create outstanding photographs. In this Kortright Centre wedding photo I used a children's game called four in a row to frame the newlyweds. What a brilliant way to incorporate my creativity into the story.

I was inspired to use this idea when I came across an article about a bride who used a four in a row game for her wedding photo. I had been looking for something unique to capture the couple and I think this idea fit the bill! In addition to being unique, I also loved the way the bride and groom were able to interact with each other. It gave them a connection and we were able to create a playful and fun portrait of the couple that has captured the essence of their personality.

This is a perfect example of how a simple concept, such as this four in a row game, can be incorporated into a wedding photograph. And this can be easily applied to any type of event.

So when you are planning your next special occasion, don't forget to incorporate these elements into your wedding photographs!

To create this photograph I used a 16 mm lens mounted on my Fuji XT3 camera. While I do not remember the exact settings, I can tell this image was photographed at F-16 so that both the game and the couple are in focus.

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