Bride and Her Dog
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Bride and Her Dog

While the bride descended the stairs to meet her family before the ceremony, her dog joined her in a very emotional moment. The family members and friends gathered to celebrate the day, along with the wedding party and the dog came to say goodbye to the bride. When the bride approached, the dog jumped up and started to lick the bride's face. The guests couldn't help but laugh and then everyone got teary eyed, but soon the mood turned serious again. The bride had been waiting a long time for this day and the joy she felt at seeing her family and friends was palpable.

To preserve the candid nature of the photograph I choose a black and white processing. Besides the colour correction I increase the sharpness and added a slight vignette around the dog so he could be the centre of attention.

I used a B&W conversion to give the photograph a more dramatic feel. The warm tone of the photograph was preserved and the shadows were made darker. The colours were slightly muted to bring out the emotions in the photograph.

The final image was created in Photoshop. I applied a mask to the dog to remove the unwanted elements from the background. I increased the saturation and brightness of the image to make it more dramatic. I then added a slight vignette to bring out the subject of the photograph.

I love this image because it shows the true emotions of the bride and the dog. The dog is so happy and it's so touching to see the bride and the dog in such a special moment together.

The wedding was a huge success and the bride and groom are now married! The dog was a big hit at the reception too. He's become an official member of the Kortright family.

We're hoping that you enjoyed our picture of the bride and her dog! We've got more information about this wedding, so please check it out!

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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