Bridesmaids See the Bride Before the Ceremony
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Bridesmaids See the Bride Before the Ceremony

As a wedding photographer it is always a pleasure to document the bride preparation for her ceremony. After the bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done, it was time for them to meet the bride. While I usually document the weddings in the pool journalistic manner, sometimes I need to direct the subject and from them so I can obtain the desired reactions. Here, I asked the Bridesmaids to turn their back towards the door so the bride can enter the room without being seen. At the right moment I asked the girls to turn around to see the beautiful bride so I can capture their reactions.

In this photograph, you can see the bridesmaids turning around and looking at the bride for the first time. You can also notice a few of the girls smiling at the bride, as she is the centre of attention. The best part is how they are looking at her and not each other, which is my goal. it is evident that the bride is in a good mood, smiling and having fun. The expression of each girl on this picture is great, each with her own reaction. Some of them are laughing while the maid of honour is shedding a tear. It is a great photograph that reflects the joy of the occasion.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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