Family Greets Bride
Photography by Calin
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Family Greets Bride

When the bride reach the bottom of the stairs come on the friends-and-family surrounded her and take the chance to greet her before her ceremony. Her father is laughing, the dog is waging his tail, her sisters taking pictures of the bride, the mom is smiling and her grandmother is stunned call my probably remembering her own wedding day.

The bride is in awe of all the love from her family. Aunts, cousins, friends. It is the best moment of her life.

She couldn’t have planned for this moment better.

It is pure joy. Tears stream down her face as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

As she steps forward, the room comes alive. The whole room is shouting her name. Everyone is cheering. And as she steps into the pew, the room explodes in applause. There is no stopping the excitement now. This is the best day of her life. Her dad is taking photos, the cousins are running around and the mother is holding the flower girl up for a kiss. It is pure joy. Tears stream down her face as she begins to pray. The best day of her life is here. It is perfect.

Decreed this gorgeous photographs I use the 16 to 55 mm lens mounted on my Fujifilm xt3 camera. In post-processing I colour correct the image and then adjusted exposure and applied a proprietary preset.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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