Father Hands Over the Bride to the Groom
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Father Hands Over the Bride to the Groom

One of the most important moments of the wedding ceremony is that when the father hands over the bride to the groom. It is often an emotional moment that as a wedding photographer I always love to capture. Often I see the fathers of the bride break down in tears when they give up the most precious gift of their life. Wild for the bride her father will become the second man in her life, for the father of the bride she will always be his little girl.

It is important to capture this moment properly and professional photographers know where to position in the church. The best spot to immortalize this moment is at the end of the aisle to the right of the groom.

The father will walk in front of the groom and place the bride on his left. The bride will walk behind him and the groom, taking the groom's right arm and resting on his father's left. At the end of the aisle, just before the altar, the father will turn to face his daughter and place her hand in her new husband's left. The father then steps away from the bride, and the couple stands together at the altar.

Another great shot is to capture the father turning to face the bride. This is a very sweet image for a Father's Day card. Again, the father should be in the shadow, and the bride will need to be turned so that the light is coming from the back.

I hope you liked this wedding photo at least as much as I loved capturing it.

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