Portrait of Groom on His Motorcycle
Photography by Calin
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Portrait of Groom on His Motorcycle

This environmental portrait of the groom reminds me of the movie Rebel Without a Cause. Here, the groom is sitting on his motorcycle and looks super cool. This is not the usual portrait of a groom on his wedding day, but rather an art form. The composition of simple. The groom is slightly off-center and the weight of the frame is balanced by the motorcycle placed on a slight diagonal. I always try to include a diagonal which in this case please the role of a leading line towards the groom and makes the picture look more dynamic. In nature we are surrounded by vertical and horizontal lines. Still, those lines are very static and the images look boring but here there's an element of movement that transpire in this still picture.

If I were to take this photo again I would ask the groom to park his motorcycle in the middle of the street. That way we could create a more foreground background effect with a background being out of focus. Still, on the wedding day the photographer doesn't always have the luxury of setting up the scene perfectly and given those constraints, this is a wonderful image.

Free this Photograph I used a 16 to 55 mm F2 .8 lens mounted on a Fujifilm xt3 camera. I hope you like this shot at least as much as I do.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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